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Buggy Bubble® is Canadian

It all started in Toronto, Canada around 2005. I noticed my infant son staring at the sun from his stroller. It triggered something in me, something crazy, that lead to an idea that took hold feverishly in action.

A spark of inspiration is normally what kicks off an invention, and certainly in this case necessity played a role. Inspiration leads somehow to determination to manifest the idea, to test one's knowledge and push the boundaries. Invention is a fulfilling and visceral undertaking.

I operated Buggy Bubble® solely in Canada once its patents were issued and sold the brand across the country for about 5 years, whilst I licensed the USA market to Infantino® until its director, Mark Silberstein, left the company for Israel with his beautiful family.

In the meantime, a UK company by the name of Claire de Lune®, and run by a dear man by the name of John Rodgers had us build a variant with a plastic cover for rain, and a modified mesh shade for the rare occasions of a sunny day in England. It sold in Tesco® and Argos® for a number of years.

To make a long story short, Brica®, located in Charlotte, North Carolina fell in love with the product, rebranded it the Comfort Canopy© and very expertly got it into Walmart®, Target®, Babies R Us®, Amazon® and numerous other online and brick and mortar outlets across the United States. Eventually they also took over the Canadian Market where the Comfort Canopy can be found in Sears® and Canadian Tire® as well. The market continues to expand.

Now Brica® is owned by Munckin®.

Yours truly at the Infantino® booth in 2005
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