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The early years!

Before Buggy Bubble designs got into Walmart, Target, Babies R Us, Sears, Amazon, Canadian Tire and many more, this product was built by yours truly in my own basement in my spare time. I had a job where I had to commute allot. The drive was, well, driving me mad. Then I saw a documentary about a prisoner who kept himself sane by imagining entire cities and its residents. Then I had the idea to come up with something to invent. Once I settled on the a 3 in 1 protective cover for infants and toddlers, I got to work thinking about the design on my way back and forth from work. Every evening I would execute the plans of the previous day's drives. This was not only a discipline, but a matter of keeping my sanity! After a year, I had two prototypes, one for a stroller, which was the first incarnation, and one for an infant car seat. Here are some photos from that era to enjoy!

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